The Unscented Company


Art Direction

BANG. A new odorless product to counter unwanted odors.
BANG. An eco-designed cardboard packaging.

While The Unscented Company (TUC) has come a long way with its refillable liquid products, the company now wants to offer more solid products, made without water. As there is a significant demand for fragrance-free deodorant, the company has seized the opportunity to develop a new addition to its Body Care product line.

Once again the objective was to follow the visual identity and the graphic line established for the Body Care collection in order to ensure consistency in stores. However, for the first time the product line’s iconic image (the continuous mountains) is used to its full size. We have opted for a frame offering more greenery than the other products of the same family for the graphic to focus on the FSC cardboard aspect of the tubular packaging which is 100% recyclable after use. The addition of this new shade also gave us the idea of taking a photo series at the Botanical Garden of Montreal which is known for the richness and variety of its green-colored palette.