Chambre de commerce
de l’Est de Montréal


Art Direction

BANG. The 34th edition of the ESTim contest.
BANG. A thematic campaign.

Organized by the Eastern Montreal Chamber of Commerce, the ESTim contest aims to publicly recognize companies and organizations that have distinguished themselves through their leadership, determination and success. For the 34th edition, we were mandated to create their promotional campaign.

The objective was to develop a theme according to keywords illustrating the 2022 criteria: social responsibility / involvement / community / leadership. From those words, “The echo of our gestures” was born. Thought out to reverberate from one poster to another like the sound effect of an echo, this series brings forward the theme’s desired importance through its receiving and transmitting graphic elements. Although there are not too small “Gestures” in the community, a substantial place has been dedicated to them allowing them to be highlighted in this campaign.

The 34th Gala ESTim alone will certainly have created a maximum of positive vibes among the finalists and winners proudly representing the East end of Montreal.