Café Paquebot


Art Direction

BANG. New specialty coffees.
BANG. Rather funky bags.

After marketing the ZAB coffees together, the Paquebot café company wanted to develop its own range of specialty coffee that would be bagged in 300g format.

The goal was to introduce specialty coffees to a more conservative, urban consumer market, but still mainstream. Since these 3 new cafes will be found alongside a multitude of brands, we went for a simple, flashy and fun guideline, with a typographic accent for the name of each cafe (classic / funky / dark). This idea was established in order to bring the desired demarcation once on the shelves. In collaboration with the illustrator Carole Platine, we have set up a series of “funny” characters representing types of cups known to all, as well as a series of icons quickly demonstrating all the possibilities offered by their beans. (filter / espresso / milk).

The discovery of these 3 new specialty coffees will undoubtedly convert the palate of a maximum fanatic. Don’t miss it – get on board!