TED Sponsorship



BANG. A company specialized in sponsorship.
BANG. A modest identity.

TED Sponsorship has trusted a studio specialized in visual identity. The small company focuses on a human aspect and they are mindful about their clients’ reality in order to offer customized services. Based in Montreal, the company is specialized in sponsorship and strategic advice and they already contributed to many important projects. Unlike their international competitors, TED knows and understands the reality of the Quebec market as well as the consumers. That way, the company can offer the best opportunities to their clients, such as the Bixi and Manuvie partnership.

The main objective was to create a modest but sophisticated branding that would be suitable for every client’s storytelling and every activation. We decided to work with a simple colour palette, and we designed a monogram with the letters T + E + D. The result of the combined letters evokes the partnership that will be built between the different companies. We bet one of their clients will be on the well-known Broadway Avenue someday!