Jany Tremblay – Photographer


Art Direction

BANG. A versatile photographer.
BANG. An identity of words and images.

Jany has trusted a studio specialized in visual identity. Giving a lot of importance to the graphic design quality of her projects, the emerging photographer wanted to show her instinctive understanding of images in her aesthetic as well as in her neat compositions.

The objective was to create a visual identity that would showcase Jany’s versatility and that can adapt to all kinds of projects. The identity was designed around writings that values the profession of photographer: we put the emphasis on the upstream work of a photo (composition, set design, timing, lighting, etc.). The focus has then been on typography, paper textures and printing techniques that allow the photographer’s creativity to shine next to the black and white platform. As a result, we created a delicate and refined professional graphic signature specifically for Jany, the new photographer in demand!