SUUM – Natural Products


Art Direction

BANG. Natural products made in Quebec.
BANG. Water-soluble packaging.

SUUM has trusted a design studio specialized in visual identity development and packaging. The company offers handmade natural products designed for the body and the environment. They wanted to update their branding and minimize the environmental impact of their packaging since their products are intended for a daily use.

The objective was to promote the ecological values of the brand by creating a zero-waste alternative. We decided to rethink the labels and the packaging. We used a new water-soluble paper recognized by several “green” environmental standards in North America, such as FSC, GMP and SQF certifications, a “Go Beyond Recycling” thinking. Sanitary and practical, the material can dissolve underwater in less than 10 seconds. You can use your soap package in the shower and let water do the work. You don’t need to recycle, it’s entirely zero waste! To be consistent, we decided to create a simple black and white branding so every label can be printed using a low-density and water-based black ink. The colour of each product will only be revealed once the packaging has dissolved. Every product is associated with a number in order to keep simplicity in the brand’s development. For the time being, SUUM offers a selection of 13 products, but every new product can be numbered after these as the selection increases every year. We also thought of an iconography reminding the letter “U” in the signature to identify the different categories: soaps, balms, butters, cleansers, salts and fondant pods.