Idoine Bio


Art Direction


Applied Arts 2018

BANG. Local skin care products.
BANG. Luxurious packaging.

Idoine Bio has trusted a studio specialized in rebranding. The company wants to offer uncompromising high-quality products to customers that only wants the best ingredients for their skin. Idoine is a Montreal-based company that offers organic skin care products made with moringa oil. Their products are made and tested in Quebec with all-natural ingredients.

The objective was to review the company’s branding and packaging in order to expand their customer base and to get ahead outside the province. We elaborated a sophisticated graphic environment that stands out from the competitors’ codes, and a simple chic colour palette that supports the high-quality position of the company. In stores, the products really stand out due to strategic cuts on their labels. In order to facilitate the purchasing process, an ingenious system of spots and steps has been developed to allow the customer to create an easy skin care routine. And who knows, Idoine Bio might even be a part of Oprah’s skin care routine someday!

Ecommerce photos