The Unscented Company


Screen Printing

BANG. A young growing company.
BANG. A graphic platform’s variation.

The Unscented Company has trusted a studio specialized in visual identity variation and packaging. The Quebec-based company is a Certified B Corporation and they are growing in the unscented home and body care products industry. TUC is aware that they need to draw attention to their branding in order to convince consumers to adopt responsible behaviours.

The objective was to contribute to TUC’s branding development, so we schematized their existing visual identity and we made it unique and distinctive. The minimalist graphic environment, the raw material (textures, finish, etc.) and the modern visual identity allow the brand to stand out without falling into green stereotypes. To be consistent with the company’s values and actions, we wanted to minimize the packaging’s environmental impact (unbleached kraft cardboard, one colour printing, etc.). Through the variations, we placed lifestyle visuals and vector illustrations next to each other and we made sure to encourage the development of a lively and authentic brand that represents its founder. We bet TUC will start a new #refillwithTUC eco-social movement.