Chambre de commerce
de l’Est de Montréal


Art Direction

BANG. The 35th edition of the ESTim contest.
BANG. A theme that is tastefully futuristic.

For the 2nd year in a row, we had the honor of creating the ESTim contest’s visual identity. This competition organized by the East Montreal Chamber of Commerce is celebrating its 35th anniversary, thereby we created a special logo that represents this great occasion.
The objective was to develop a theme according to this year’s honorary presidency: Keurig Dr.Pepper. The keywords illustrating this year’s criteria are community / support / future. From there was born “Au goût du futur” which is a play on words combining the expression “Flavor of the Month” and the word Future. We opted to explore the visual aspect of shapes that make up the eastern boroughs, to then liquefy them and transform them into large drops. This idea forged the link between the honorary presidency (Keurig) and the main objective of the competition which is to reward ideas, actions, and projects that will shape the future of the city’s east end.
The 35th ESTim gala will leave an optimistic aftertaste to the finalists and winners of the East of Montreal.
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