Art Direction


ADCC – Silver
Communication Arts

BANG. A delicious coffee-based lemonade.
BANG. A new kind of “4 packs”.

Although we did not have the pleasure of developing the brand identity and the cans themselves, we were commissioned by Cafélimo (a delicious blend of coffee and lemonade) to design all of its packagings.

The objective was to vary and continue the development of Cafélimo’s identity, create its packaging, and strengthen its visibility with consumers. Developed in collaboration with Paquebot Café, the 4 “Paq” (established to be marketed) allowed us to develop a story around the actual delivery of the product and add a conceptual touch due to the rep’s nickname: Mr. The Bear. The elongated and unconventional shape of this 4 “Paq” allows a good grip when you pick up the box and the personalized opening simulates the unloading of the product as if it was the dumpster of a small Kei-Truck. As for the 12 and 24 “Paq” made of corrugated cardboard intended for B2B delivery, they have been thought out to keep a minimum cost per unit while being able to be enhanced by a pink self-adhesive tape that recalls the truck’s visual. As this is an alcohol-free product, the wording “Sip and roll” has been added to amplify the “fun” aspect of the drink.

Summer or winter, this product is on the way to becoming a must to brighten consumers’ hearts, and that, without any moderation.

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