ZAB Coffee


Art Direction


Applied Arts 2019

BANG. A growing coffee roaster.
BANG. A brand-new coffee bag.

ZAB has trusted a studio specialized in packaging. As a growing coffee roaster in Montreal, the passionate company wanted their brand-new coffee bag to stand out as much as their unique flavours.

The objective was to review the labels and the packaging of ZAB’s coffees in order to strengthen their branding. Even though many third wave cafés opt for a minimalist packaging, we decided to use every surface of the packaging and to create a graphic environment inspired by pirate stories (ZAB Café + Paquebot Café). Our goal was to establish every detail of a new storytelling that the consumer will discover through the manipulation of the bag. We also added a touch of gold to the classic black and white colour palette of the brand in order to express the superior quality of the coffee beans. The engraved-style illustrations made by the artist Noémie Éclipse bring an authentic and unpretentious raw quality that goes well with the brotherhood and the community values of the company. In stores, ZAB’s new packaging really stands out and it will definitely make you want to try out all their coffees.