La Fille du Boulanger


Art Direction
Screen Printing

BANG. A bakery from father to daughter.
BANG. An identity with modern values.

La Fille du Boulanger has trusted a studio specialized in visual identity. The baker wanted to stand out with a graphic approach that would allow her to express and share her values.

The objective was to review the identity and the graphic platform of, an eco-friendly company well established in Saint-Sulpice, Quebec, that preaches a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable consumption. In other words, her loaves are only available online. We thought of a playful and colourful identity based on the “.ca” that would reflect the baker’s personality. The graphic platform consists of icons and writings and it playfully brings out her progressive vision towards a model of sharing and gratitude in order to reduce overproduction and food waste. La Fille du Boulanger is one of a kind and her delicious loaves deserve a place in everyone’s kitchen!