JB Guitars



BANG. An ambitious luthier.
BANG. A customized identity.

JB Guitars has trusted a studio specialized in visual identity. Julien Bergeron is a meticulous artist from Montreal, and it is important to him to create flawless and unique instruments. As an artisan and a trained luthier, he makes handmade customized guitars, mostly acoustic, for his international customers. He even created his own guitar headstock and he is currently working on an innovative prototype that allows the different pieces to fit into each other in order to minimize the use of glue.

The objective was to create a world-class visual identity that would still reflect the artisan behind the brand, So we designed a monogram with his initials. Because of the angles of the serifs, the font reminded us of a burin engraving a guitar. The letters perfectly fit into each other, as a nod to Julien’s profession and to his glue-free prototype. We designed the logo to be readable, visually interesting and well proportioned on a headstock. The stationery kit was inspired by the different steps of guitar making (cutting, perforation, etc.) and it evokes the distinctive characteristics of Julien’s guitars. We bet his creations will even fall in Paul McCartney’s hands someday.