Bouffe Magazine


Art Direction


Communication Arts 2016
Applied Arts 2016
Lux 2016

BANG. A quarterly food magazine.
BANG. A second issue.

BOUFFE is a quarterly food magazine and it goes beyond recipes. In fact, there is not even one recipe in there! The magazine looks into the recesses of the food industry in order to discover unexplored deepness. The content is original, audacious, funny, smart-mouthed and joyful. It portrays the meaningful side of food, and its cultural and identity role, without neglecting the fact that it is also a daily source of pleasure.

The theme of this second issue of BOUFFE will please every gluten lover: we called it “Extra Gluten.” We went for a magazine cover with a subtle double meaning to address the subject under the angle of addiction. Once again, we wanted to bring forward the connection between human and food.