ZAB Coffee


Art Direction

BANG. High-quality coffees.
Brand-new golden packaging.

ZAB roaster has once again trusted a design studio specialized in packaging. After reviewing its 340g bag, the company wanted to develop high-quality coffees that needed to be bagged in a brand-new size of 200g.

The objective was to develop a concept based on the same guidelines as the previous bag: the world of skeletons and pirates. Once again, we decided to emphasize the brand’s storytelling by using every surface of the packaging and by bringing ingenuity to the manipulation of the bag. We also used the same style of illustrations made by the artist Noémie Éclipse. This time, the symbolism of a treasure chest was an easy choice in order to playfully illustrate the unpretentious richness contained in every small golden brick. Discovering ZAB’s fine coffees will feel just like a treasure hunt. They will also be produced in limited quantity and used during competitions.