The Unscented Company


Art Direction

BANG. A variety of refillable products.
BANG. New refill bags.

Now that The Unscented Company (TUC) offers 4 L and 10 L refill stations for most of their products, the company wanted to offer smaller sizes for people with less storage space at home and for the products that don’t need to be refilled that often.

The objective was to follow the “Body” collection’s graphic line to ensure consistency in stores, since the white ink on the 2 L bags perfectly matches the brand’s universe. The ongoing mountain has been reused on 5 products, including shampoo, conditioner and body soap, and plays with transparency along with the original texture of the bag. The 4 L and 10 L stations usually have a brown kraft finish, since a box displaying an image of the product to fill (in black outline) covers the refill bags that are plain. That way, the new 2 L bags allow a new clientele to take part of the TUC’s movement, which is to reduce our annual packaging consumption.