Perrier Jablonski


Art Direction
Screen Printing

BANG. A new communication company.
BANG. A mysterious identity.

In the communications industry, the arrival of a new player is old news. A new company emerges almost every week. Our challenge was to apply a principle that we always remind our clients: a brand isn’t memorable because of what it means, but because of what it evokes. We wanted to create a brand that would evoke strength, teamwork, reliability, humanity and durability. Without saying the actual words.

Perrier Jablonski was born, like when you meet a stranger that has a story to tell. The graphic design work was decisive in order to highlight the strength of this new company and to inspire confidence. However, don’t count on us to reveal the mystery. The name. The lion’s signification. The lines and the colours… Everything is meant to be felt, not explained.